OPTO Electric Scooters

German Technology

We manufacture the best quality and comparatively low cost electric vehicles in the market and provide the best after-sales support. Buy our electric vehicles and contribute towards making India greener and enjoy your ride with Eco-friendly vehicles.

Our E-Bike Models





Quickest Acceleration

Reliable Performance ready to fight in all Weather Conditions in India

Go Anywhere

Move around all day without worrying about running out of battery

What are the advantages of electric vehicles?


No need to replace oil or spare parts every month, so it’s more economical in the pocket.

Health Care

Electric vehicles don’t emit hazardous carbon monoxide gas into the environment which are harmful to health as well keeping cities cleaner and cooler.

No Fuel Oil

You can charge it at anytime and anywhere even at luxury of your home without having to wait in line at POM gasoline stations.